LysaghtPole and LysaghtMast
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LysaghtPole and LysaghtMast
Designed by LYSAGHT GROUP, the LYSAGHT Product Range is renowned for its attractive, high-quality design and versatility. LYSAGHT Product Range's comprehensive scope of steel pole and masts provides an ideal solution for a vast range of installations, ranging in height from as low as 3 meters to a towering 60 meters.

LYSAGHT GROUP's Product Range longer life expectancy and minimal maintenance, combined with an attractive look to suit all ranges of installation, make it an extremely popular choice in a vast range of settings, including:

  • park lighting poles
  • street lighting poles
  • radio antenna poles
  • floodlighting poles
  • power transmission poles
  • safety pole
  • mid-hinged poles
  • hydraulic hinged poles
  • ski lift poles
  • distribution line poles
  • gantry for traffic & message signs
  • decorative lighting poles
  • sign poles
  • stadium floodlighting masts
  • windmill masts
  • traffic signal masts
  • flag masts
  • high masts
  • telescopic masts

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LYSAGHT GROUP's Product Range also supplies, under the brand name 'Decorpole', a specialist range of architectural and decorative poles that complement the already impressive LYSAGHT Product Range.

Attractive design make LYSAGHT GROUP's Product Range suitable for all applications, from lighting traffic interchanges, highways, freeways, roads, air and sea port terminals, industrial security and amenity areas, through to warehouses, factories, hospitals, shopping complexes, sporting stadiums and recreational venues.

Depending on height and duty, LYSGHT GROUP's Product Range is able to offer all the above products in various forms, including:

  • octagonal tapered
  • dodecagonal tapered
  • hexdecagonal tapered
  • icosagonal tapered
  • circular tapered
  • square or rectangular section
  • swaged tubular pole

All LysaghtPole and LysaghtMast can be supplied in separate sections that can be assembled wherever you require, by an easy slip joint action.
LysaghtPole and LysaghtMast are deisgned to following latest standards:
BS 5649, BS EN 40, BSI CP3, Institution of Lighting Engineers Technical Report No. 7
AS 1170.2, AS 1538, AS 1789, AS 4100, AS 2974, AS 677
AASHTO-2001 Standard Specifications for Structural Supports for Highway Signs, Luminaires and Traffic Signals



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